On June 24th, the Home Care Community is coming together to recognize the more than 60,000 home care aides in the Commonwealth with a Home Care Aide Recognition Day. 

To highlight the work of these critical caregivers, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home care community will recognize over 100 home health and home care aides by sharing their stories.

The Home Care Aide Council salutes all home care aides and especially the 50+ Home Care Aides nominated by our members today, who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, providing high quality services with care and compassion despite the risks and challenges presented by the Coronavirus. 







Bayada Home Health Care

Love Addi

Anah Camara-Geffrard

Sandra Berkeley

Debbie James

Christine Fernandez


Best of Care, Inc.

Teri England

Stacey Couto

Jaisonnah L. McGowan


Bethany at Home

Terry Mwangi

Mattie Cummings


Caribbean Foundation

Janice Giddings

Yoanna Torres


How’s Work, Inc.

Grace Roscillo

Tony Haley


International Health Solutions

Irina Gasperini

Inesa Dzemianok 


MAS Home Care

Antonia Mejia

Mariely Guzman


Prime Home Health

Tiffany Papesh

Joseph Gonzales

Kelsey Kistner



Erika Menefee

Miguelina Roman


Meet Caregivers, Inc.

Susan A. Tamba

Fritz Pierra


Advanced Home Care Services

Mariya Tashchuk

Denise DaCosta


Greater Boston Home Health Care

Julie Forte

Kiara Poindujour


O’Connell Care at Home

Bianca Frederick

Jennifer Graham


ABC Home Health Care

Darlene O’Hearn

Gabby Cravotta


Attentive Home Care

Shelbi Machado

Tameka Adams


SE MA Home Health Care

Doreen Lecomte

Helia Medeiros


Home Resources, Inc.

Susan Correia

Nelida Jesus


The Visiting Nurses

Joan McLaughlin

Joyce Riley


Guardian Healthcare

Isaura Gomes

Leidy Matias


Associated Home Care

Marie Dafney Fleurissaint

Normande Ponte


Hebrew Senior Life

Marie Daille

Zhanna Karapetyan


Always on Call

Shelley Sedileau

Shevaun Baker


Homemaker Services, Inc.

Zemam Beyene

Ginette Charles

Heaven Bereket



Tre-Been Stewart

Ghislaine Paul